Help With Your CBT Test

If you live in the UK and ride a motorcycle or moped, you need to pass the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course. This training consists of several stages, each of which must be completed for you to be allowed to use UK roads for the next 24 months. Many see the CBT as an intimidating, rigorous process. If you need help with your CBT test and want to increase your chances of completing this training successfully, here are some tips that could help you.

Relax. No, Really.

The CBT is not actually a test, per se. What it is is a complete training that lasts for a whole day. Once you complete the training, you will receive a CBT certificate from your instructor but only if he/she is satisfied with your newly-acquired skills in road awareness and riding. If you fail to meet the standards that your instructor works with, you can repeat the training for another time. Now, just because you did not complete the training does not automatically mean failure on your part or that you can no longer take the training. You still can, so relax.

Know and Understand the Theory.

The CBT test will assess your riding ability in terms of skills and safety. It will also test other aspects involving riding. This means that you need to have basic knowledge regarding traffic signs and UK highway codes. You should also have a good understanding of the rules that all moped and motorcycle drivers must comply with. The CBT will also test your knowledge about the best course of action that other motorists might take in case of certain traffic scenarios. It is important to read about licensing regulations and improve your riding skills if you want to pass the CBT.

Know How to Ride.

To complete your CBT, you need to have a basic knowledge and familiarity with a motorbike. During the test, the instructor will expect you to know how to control and ride the bike. If you have never ridden a motorcycle before and have very little knowledge about its controls, you will find the lecture and demonstration a bit overwhelming. If you are planning on passing the CBT, get yourself acquainted with a motorbike and learn how to use it properly.

Sign Up for a Course.

We recommend signing up for a CBT course with a bike training school. This training usually consists of five parts. The first part often consists of an introduction to CBT and a vision check. This will be followed by training and riding on-site, after which you will undergo on-road training and riding. You will be taught the type of skills you need to be able to ride a moped and motorcycle safely and correctly. To acquire the right type of training and prepare for a comprehensive CBT training, get in touch with London Motorcycle Training and other approved training bodies.