Tesla Car Accessories

Tesla offers a range of official tesla accessories and merchandise through its official website and Tesla stores. These accessories are designed to enhance the functionality, appearance, and convenience of your Tesla vehicle. Here are some common Tesla car accessories you can find:

  1. Charging Accessories:
    • Tesla Wall Connector: A high-powered home charging solution for faster charging at home.
    • Mobile Connector: The standard charging cable that comes with the vehicle for Level 1 and Level 2 charging.
    • Charging Adapters: Adapters for various charging situations, such as NEMA 14-50, NEMA 5-15, and more.
  2. Floor Mats and Liners:
    • All-Weather Floor Mats: Designed to protect your vehicle’s interior from dirt, moisture, and wear.
    • Frunk and Trunk Mats: Protect the cargo areas of your Tesla with custom-fit mats.
  3. Center Console Accessories:
    • Center Console Organizer: Helps keep the center console tidy and organized.
    • Cup Holder Inserts: Designed to fit Tesla’s cup holders and prevent spills.
  4. Interior Accessories:
    • Seat Covers: Custom-fit seat covers for added protection and comfort.
    • Interior Wrap Kits: Decorative interior wrap kits to customize your car’s interior.
    • Wireless Phone Charger: A wireless charging pad designed for Tesla vehicles with wireless charging capabilities.
  5. Cargo Solutions:
    • Cargo Nets and Organizers: Keep your trunk and frunk organized with these accessories.
    • Roof Rack and Accessories: Add additional cargo capacity with Tesla’s roof rack system.
  6. Exterior Enhancements:
    • Aero Wheel Cap Kit: Change the look of your Aero wheel covers with cap kits.
    • Splash Guards: Protect your vehicle from road debris and mud.
  7. Tesla Apparel and Merchandise:
    • Tesla-branded clothing: Includes t-shirts, jackets, hats, and more.
    • Accessories: Key fobs, wallets, and other Tesla-branded items.
  8. Cleaning and Maintenance Products:
    • Tesla Car Care Kit: Includes cleaning and detailing products for your Tesla.
    • Touch-Up Paint: For minor paint touch-ups and repairs.
  9. License Plate Frames and Holders:
    • Tesla Logo License Plate Frames: Add a touch of Tesla branding to your car.
  10. Vehicle Protection:
    • Paint Protection Film (PPF): Protect your car’s paint from chips and scratches.
  11. Safety and Security:
    • Sentry Mode USB Drive: High-endurance USB drives for storing video footage from Sentry Mode and the built-in dashcam.
  12. Wheels and Accessories:
    • Aftermarket Wheels: Customize the look of your Tesla with a variety of wheel options.
    • Wheel Accessories: Wheel locks and center caps.

Please note that the availability of accessories may vary by region and Tesla model. Always check Tesla’s official website or contact your nearest Tesla store for the most up-to-date information on available accessories and compatibility with your specific Tesla model. Additionally, there are many third-party aftermarket accessories available from other manufacturers and suppliers that can further customize and enhance your Tesla.