Tips For Tyre Users

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Cars are nothing without tyres, or at least almost nothing without tyres. This is something most car users agree on. They are important to cars because they help to give a smoother ride and also provide safety, that is they help you stop as at when you want to stop. The performance and safety of your car to a large extent is dependent on your tyres. The performance of your tyres in Dubai is dependent on your actions and also the road.  As a driver you should know a few things, we’ll list them below.

Size of your tyres

Different cars come with different tyre sizes. It’s very dangerous to do guesswork when it comes to tyre sizes. Because sometimes even cars of the same size and similar models may not use the exact same tyres. can guide you in picking the right tyre for your car. And also the tyre sizes are usually on the dashboard and on the driver’s door.

Tyre Law

Yeah, there are laws regarding the use of tyres. Laws such as the disposal of tyres, the conditions which your tyres are supposed to be, roadworthiness and more. These laws also include tyre depth, tyre age and more. Tread especially affects the safety of your car, how it reacts in turns, how quickly it stops especially in wet conditions. There are ways to test these, it’s important that you learn them and apply them for yourself. Failure to know these rules and abide by them may not only endanger you, but it could also endanger other road users and other occupants of your car. It could also lead to fines and other disciplinary measures by the appropriate authorities. 

Tyre Labeling

 One could also call this a glossary of tyres. Know the different terminologies used by tyre manufacturers and sellers. The choices available as you search for suitable tyres and some of the things to look out for. This also includes compatibility with your cars.

Seasonal Tyres

There are different tyres for different seasons, just as there are different tyres for different cars. Winter tyres, summer tyres, All-terrain tyres, all-season tyres and more. They all have their different tread patterns and labelling for easy identification. It’s important to know the type of car tyres Dubai to purchase especially during the hot summer.

Where To Get Good Car Tyres Dubai

Everyone wants good tyres, for those who know of its importance. However, it’s one thing to know that you want good tyres and it’s another thing to know where to get tyres in Dubai or Sharjah.  Well, you can get them in the market or in various tyre shops. However, you’d also have to make sure you’re going to go to a place that can do proper tyre fittings for you. That’s what we do at Dubai tyre shop. Not only do we have an assortment of the best brands of tyres, such as Cooper tires, BF Goodrich, Nexen and Dunlop. We also know what’s right for your car. We also help in doing the fittings for the car tyres and wheels. We can deliver to you anywhere you are in Dubai, Sharjah and environs.  


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